“I found Nigel a most sympathetic listener who was clearly very experienced in resolving the sort of sleep problems I had. He proposed a range of different breathing exercises to practice in addressing these and I soon found that these were helping both to restore a more reliable sleep pattern and importantly to building my confidence to achieve a more reliable sleep cycle going forward.” Richard B

“Nigel’s Breathing Course and guidance has really helped me deal better and cope with stressful situations both at work and home.

The tips, technics and common sense advice about how to ‘breathe better’ are now part of my daily routine and I feel a lot better every day for it.” Jeff

“Before I came to Nigel, I had been suffering from sleeplessness due to breathing difficulties at night. I saw a number of doctors that diagnosed me differently every time, but the medication I was put on didn’t work and the issue got worse. It began to affect my work and everyday life.

I finally tried Nigel’s breathwork p both daily and as a coping mechanism and focused on not just breathwork but the link to anxiety. To my surprise it worked immediately, and I came off my medication with only a few minor issues from time to time. It’s clear the mind and body are so much more connected than we think, and no doctor was able to help the way Nigel did.

Will forever be grateful for the impact it has had on my life!” Isha P

“I was stressed and anxious at work and sleeping badly.  Sessions with Nigel really helped me see a bigger and calmer picture. He also helped me reassess some past experiences that had been affecting me for many years. I was soon so much more relaxed. It’s great to know he is there, if and when I need him again.” Neal

“I’ve recently been doing some breathwork training with Nigel.  One of the reasons I was interested is because for several years now I’ve had intermittent night terrors where I think I’m drowning, and I believe I can’t breathe. I also have a history of being highly claustrophobic, so much so that I had started to avoid anything that would make me feel cramped like bunk beds or things over my head.

Seeing as we had got to a point where my fear of not being able to breathe was getting in the way of my progress, Nigel offered to do a Mind Detox Method session with me.

Unsurprisingly, the memory that came up was of my birth. Born earlier than expected and not in the hospital, I got panicked by being pushed out before I was ready. I also experienced low oxygen levels on my way out, to the point where I thought I was going to die. On top of all that, I’d picked up on my mum’s concerns that I was being born at home and how my sister had needed medical attention after she was born. The memory was of being cramped, stuck, and very scared; I was going to die.

Nigel skilfully and patiently worked with me to unravel every part of the memory and find positive antidote learnings till there was no residual stress in my body.  I instantly felt more open, relaxed, and freer in my body.

Thank you, Nigel, for clearing a nearly 43-year-old issue and giving me my confidence back. I cannot wait to see what longer term impact it will have!” Becci G

“I had already started ’semi-retirement’ before Lockdown and was struggling with not feeling totally involved and valued.  Lockdown itself proved very difficult. Family bereavement, not being able to ‘be there’ and, to be honest, take control, alongside lack of focus was proving stressful.  I ended up flitting from one thing to another – whether on social media/news channels or starting out on a task and not finishing it. That in itself brought on more stress – I made myself busy but ended the day by feeling I hadn’t achieved anything – which was probably the case.

Sessions with Nigel helped me to rewire my mind.  Internal focus really helped me help myself. Time Management is quite an old fashioned term, but a few sessions with Nigel allowed me to reap the benefits of being able to concentrate on one thing at a time and take this tool to everyday life.  I was beginning to wander – it is less stressful to concentrate and achieve and I thank Nigel for helping me rediscover my mojo.” Sue A

“Prior to Nigel’s sessions I had never undertaken anything like this before and I was very anxious. My concerns were unjustified because Nigel was very welcoming and immediately helped to qualm my fears.

Nigel has a very calm and gentle presence, and he makes following the practices and meditations very easy to follow. Nigel clearly explains the overall benefits of the practices and meditations that we undertake.

I look forward to sessions with Nigel and I am definitely feeling the benefits.” Diane H

“I find Nigel’s sessions to be a good balance of reflection and practice. I have learnt many techniques to help reduce anxiety and instil a sense of peace and calmness.

The weekly focus and different types of approaches that Nigel uses have enriched me with a valuable understanding about the connection between the mind and body.” Shona P

“Nigel is a warm and friendly practitioner, creating a calm environment to allow his clients to feel at ease. Nigel has guided me in exploring the positive impact of breathing techniques to support my mental wellness.

I have applied these techniques to both my daily life and my meditation practice which has really helped. I have also attended many of Nigel’s free meditation sessions which are a wonderful weekly anecdote away from our busy lives.” Caroline E

“Nigel has a natural warmth and empathy, and his classes are absolutely perfect for a time of much needed calm and mindfulness. With his technical skills and expertly caring nature he has helped me regain balance and the ability to cope more in my daily life.

With his teaching I am able to step back from my anxieties and deal more effectively with stress even in these difficult times.” Angela H

“I’m a bit of a sceptic around the wider application of meditation-based techniques and my northern friends probably would not consider me a “new man” but there is no doubt benefit to be gained from my sessions.

On a personal level I have found the sessions to be relaxing and Nigel talks you through them in an engaging way, putting you at ease.

A tangible benefit for me has been the breathing style that Nigel uses as I now use it to relax me if tensions are rising or in anxious situations.

I would recommend Nigel.” Mike L

“I started attending the sessions with a sense of curiosity but discovered quite quickly that my investment was paying dividends as I benefitted from gaining a sense of calm and perspective during what has been a challenging time in my life.

With Nigel’s guidance I have learned how to take a more balanced view of situations out of my control and develop coping strategies for difficult people.” Chris R

“Nigel is naturally a very approachable and warm person who creates a relaxing environment when we talk. Nigel is excellent at expertly guiding me to find my own solution when identifying and addressing my points whether they are physical or mind-based.

Nigel has helped me greatly to see the world differently and to think about my part within it. I enjoy his questioning approach which has led me to deal better with others and to lead a much calmer life.  I now have a better understanding of myself. Being present and living in the moment is an attainable goal and he has taught me techniques that help me stop and calmly chose how I achieve this.” Carla P

“Nigel has helped me greatly to see the world differently and to think about my part within it. I enjoy his questioning approach which has led me to deal better with others and to lead a much calmer life. I now have a better understanding of myself.

Being present and living in the moment is an attainable goal and he has taught me techniques that help me stop and calmly chose how I achieve this.” Colin





Nigel Grimes