Your Guide Through Anxiety

Your Guide Through Anxiety

We are all living through uncertain times, but you may also have personal challenges, unexplored issues and specific worries and concerns on top.

Some of these issues may have been bugging you for some time and have now reached a tipping point, perhaps made more urgent due to the current crisis. Or perhaps you have long held a wish to explore new ways of living your life, offering opportunities for growth and self-development. You may be suffering from anxiety, stress, perfectionism, self-judgement, damaging beliefs, constantly ruminating over the past, worrying about the future, minor or major ailments.

Now is a time of such profound change and uncertainty that Darwin’s views that survival is based on humans’ ability to adapt could not be more relevant. That is where I can help because, together, we will go beyond survive and look to thrive.

We will explore the paths that lead to disharmony with life including the main causes behind a ‘Busy Mind’ and how we arrive at a turning point where the mind and body can allow healing to commence.

I take a holistic approach to present challenges and use a combination of non-medical and extensively researched successful techniques.

As an accredited therapist with the Federation of Holistic Therapists and a Qualified Breathing Coach, I focus on the mind-body connection, builds your awareness of how your emotions, thoughts and feelings impact your entire being, including your physical and mental health.

My aim is to listen and to help you unearth why certain thoughts, emotions or behaviours have an unhealthy prominence in your life. I then suggest and with your permission implement and tailor techniques and tools to assist you in both the most challenging moments and for building a calm base to move forward.

Re-education around breathing is a recurring part of the solution, it is amazing how something we do every day to live can be improved upon and have such a dramatic impact on our lives. Better breathing provides many benefits, particularly around balancing the Autonomic Nervous System that manages amongst other things, our levels of arousal, energy, blood pressure, heart rate, heart rate variability and the digestive system.

I also use a range of easily accessible techniques and practices including meditation tools, which you can use to help with your current issues and build into a longer-term practice to help you maintain your improvements.

This range of non-medical tools and techniques will be tailored according to your needs as we embark on our journey together. Big improvements can be found in one session, but invariably it works like peeling an onion and the core root causes may be buried deeper and so require a series of steps.

You will discover the relationship between your mind and body and come to understand that many of the reasons for your current issues and challenges are often rooted in your past life experiences and concerns about the future. Practising the techniques, we explore together will lead to profound shifts and give you the resources to cope much more effectively both now and in the future. You CAN have contentment, peace, ability for living in the moment, improved love of yourself and others, regardless of what is going on around you.

I will share the science, proven results including case studies behind the approaches. Also, depending on your preferences I can sprinkle a more spiritual dialogue on top of the course or keep it to the plain science of good health and mental well-being.

I am extremely grateful to also have an experienced and qualified network of experts and specialists (nutritionists, physios, yoga teachers, masseurs, life coaches, hypnotists etc.) who if needed can support your journey.

Nigel Grimes