Our Treasure Chest & Toolkit

Our Treasure Chest & Toolkit

Our Treasure Chest

Our toolkit is varied and enables a flexible approach as the journey and various signposts are discovered. Some concentrate on the physiological aspects and others on the mind, but ultimately, they are all looking to heal and improve the relationship between our Mind, Body and Life. All the tools are aligned to the physiological branch of biology and supported by scientific research studies.

Mind Calm – Enabling Peace with the Mind and providing techniques and practices for maintaining the peace at every given present moment.

Mind Detox – Discovering and resolving historical unconscious inhibitors in all aspects of life including relationships, career and financial matters to improve your physical and mind health

Body Calm – Healing the body and maintaining good health by boosting the relationship between the mind and body connection.

Mindfulness – Everyday techniques to help you combat stress and enhance your life by becoming aware of the sights, sounds, smells and tastes of the present moment.

Stoan Method – helps you see what is possible. Picture your most meaningful life, then day by day, live it.

Breathing Practices – educational and monitoring tools to help with connecting and being aware of our breathing patterns and improving them. Connecting with the breath provides a foundation for many of the approaches and techniques we will undertake because it has a direct relationship with your nervous system.

The CapnoTrainer®

The CapnoTrainer is a USB-based, software-operated, carbon dioxide analyser for learning about breathing habits and their effects. The instrument is for teaching and learning new breathing behaviour patterns and not intended for diagnosis and /or treatment or medical purposes of any kind.

“Breathing is medicine. I forgot how to but I am learning all over again” – Mandi Lynn, Best Selling Author and YouTuber

“Mind Calm helps you make the shift from becoming happy to be being happy.” — Robert Holden, As Seen on Oprah

 “Body Calm guides you to bask in the healing energy of now. Everybody needs Body Calm.”— Sonia Choquette, New York Times Bestselling Author

 “Mind Detox makes peace, health and happiness attainable states for us all.” — Yoga Magazine

 “Calm Cure is a must for anyone committed to living a peaceful life.” — Rebecca Campbell, Bestselling Author



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