Your Guide Through Anxiety


I feel extremely fortunate to be able to support my clients through various life challenges, guiding them through anxieties and stress towards a better-balanced mindset. During our time together, I will tailor my approach for you and support you in achieving the best possible outcome. I use a combination of mind and body-based techniques to practically support you in those moments of discomfort and to challenge recurring negative thought patterns and behaviours.  

The practices are introduced based on my experience of what is best for you plus your personal preferences. I also practice mindfulness which is a wonderful tool in allowing clients to become more present, giving them some time out from their anxious minds.  I pride myself in being an excellent listener, non-judgmental, supportive, trustworthy, understanding, empathic and compassionate in my approach.

The approach that will be tailored for you may include one or more of the following areas of discovery and solution finding:

Discovering and resolving historical unconscious inhibitors in all aspects of life including relationships, career, and financial matters to improve your physical and mind health

Healing the body and maintaining good health by boosting the relationship between the mind and body connection

Educational and monitoring tools to help with connecting and being aware of your breathing patterns and improving them. Connecting with the breath provides a foundation for many of the approaches and techniques we will undertake because it has a direct relationship with your nervous system

In the moment Relaxation techniques can help to relieve some of this stress and tension and may also help you to deal more effectively with panic attacks when they occur.

Everyday techniques including Mindfulness to help you combat stress and enhance your life by becoming aware of and living in the present moment.

Building a Meditation habit can help in bringing calm to everyday life including setting you up for the day ahead and for sleep preparation.

Building a picture of your ideal life including your desires and purpose, then making an action plan to manifest and live it.

In addition I am also a trained Forest Bathing Guide, and sometimes use nature as a conducive environment for healing.

My toolkit is varied and enables a flexible approach as the journey and various signposts are discovered. Some concentrate on the physiological aspects and others on the mind, but ultimately, they are all looking to heal and improve the relationship between our Mind, Body and Life.

As well as my qualifications across both physical and cognitive approaches, I am a registered with The Federation of Holistic Therapists.  

I have worked with a wide range of clients and have extensive experience in providing help for anxiety, stress, lethargy, poor sleeping patterns, low self-esteem, relationship issues and more.

Nigel Grimes